Packed for the Summer vs. Summer Packed for Me (Vacation #2)

August 27, 2010

"My doctor says that I hace a malformed public-duty gland and
 a natural deficiency in moral fiber, and that I am
therefore excused from saving universes."
Douglas Noel Adams

    I am a terrible blogger for not posting in forever. It's not that I don't want to post but I'm either super busy or super lazy these days. Just to put you in perspective of how busy I am I will give you my personal list of things to do before I go home in a week and a half given to me by my parents, grandparents, and myself.


• Practice, practice, PRACTICE for my audition
• Make my aunt's wedding gifts (I cannot say the exact gifts incase she reads this but there are two and I have to handmake them).
• Brainstorm for posters, trinkets, a slogan, and a speech for a last minute studant councel election for secretary that I decided to enter.
• Go apple picking
• Go swimming
• Decide how I want to wear my hair for the wedding
• Make Cade's birthday present
• Get together with Dakota
• Get together with Brooklyn (I just realized that my friends in Illinois are named after different places)
• Read Fever 1793 for book club
• Read all the other library books I have
• Make family time
• Get rid of the tan lines on my back
• Be social (doesn't anyone realize that I'm an author and, therefore, not a social person?!?!?!)
• Be nice (don't I have to be social to be nice?)
• Have fun (I would be having fun but now I'm stressed about being social and nice!)

TA-DA! Don't you love my list of things to do? Don't you want to come help me get it done? No? Well, fine then! I didn't need you anyway. So I really didn't want to leave you with nothing but I do have to go concidering my grandparents don't like me being on the computer and a lot of the stuff on there requires the computer. Gotta run!

Alexis Kristine


Why So Serious?

August 23, 2010
"And ya do the hokey pokey and ya turn yourself a round." *starts shooting gun*

-Joker, The Joker Blogs

    Okay, I suck for not posting in like five years (in internet time, of course) but I promise I had an amazing excuse! Well, if you're actually a fan (which you should be) of it then you'll find it an amazing excuse. Yes, yes I'll stop stalling; I was watching......The Joker Blogs. I'm an addict. The quote above is my absolute favorite out of the entire dialog in the blogs. I've seen them ...

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Horsing Around (Vacation #1)

August 18, 2010

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -Henry David Thoreau 

        So the title above just proves what a useless imagination I actually have considering this short blog is about horseback riding. Before I go into the whole shabang about horses I'd like to say...............................................I BROKE THE EVERY OTHER DAY BLOGGING HABIT! Okay, okay so it isn't really allthat big a deal because it felt like it had been forever since I blogged but it's still pretty cool. 


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Panned Out Awkwardness (Vacation #1)

August 17, 2010
"Order is never observed; it is disorder that attracts attention because it is awkward and intrusive." -Eliphas Levi 

  Just today I woke up and thought to myself "This blogging thing is becoming something I do every other day isn't it?". Yes, I did just admit that I dream of blogging and computers in general or at least think of them first thing when I wake up. I'm a geek but don't be deceived; I can beat up a lot of you. So today was a lot more eventful then yesterday but I think I should re...

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Hot Tub Horrors (Vacation #1)

August 15, 2010

"Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with wierd and gilly. And the spiders from Mars." -Ziggy Stardust; David Bowie

I'm sorry the format is wacked but I'm typing on my uncle's laptop and for some reason it won't let me format. Anyway, I'M FINALLY IN FRISCO! It's beautiful here and the kids (Josh and Neveah) have grown so much in this past year. I have to keep this short because dinner is soon but I just want to tell you a little about my day. The trip was pretty awesome because I just got "The R...

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Many a Day

August 12, 2010
"Our endless days are numbered." -Frank Warren

    That's got to be one of my favorite quotes up there along with "It's only forever, not long at all.". Is it hilarious or what that as I was typing that up "China Girl" by David Bowie started playing (David Bowie sang the song that I just quoted)? Wow, I'm already off topic before I've even got on it; I probably just set the world record for most distracted blogger. The whole thing I was going to talk about before I began my Bowie Blogging was ...

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Book Club Gone Wild!

August 11, 2010

Some days are for living; others are for getting through." -Malcolm Forbes
    Where, oh where, do I start today? Perhaps I should start at the beginning (which is always a pretty logical place to start when you're telling a story. Imagine if a book started right in the middle and ended at the start with an actual ending just thrown in there. It's a weird concept if you really think about it). You must know that I did not get much sleep last night because my body, for some unknown reason,...
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August 8, 2010

"It's only forever, not long at all." -David Bowie
  Welcome to the grand opening of my new website *cue trumpets and confetti*! This post is going to be really short and just go over some of the basic things about this website since absolutely nothing eventful happened today. The very first rule of this website is YOU MUST LOVE ALL THINGS HARRY POTTER! Hahahaha joking, of course (or am I?), but I am a huge fan of Mr. P so that's totally a bonus. There really are no rules to this website exc...
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Alexis Kristine I'm a Christian actress who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and a good dose of Harry Potter. My family and friends are everything to me and they encourage me as I try to attack the world of shiny cars and skimpy clothes as a teenager with a passion for acting and modesty. I have two brothers who I love dearly...even if they annoy the heck out of me! I'm not the most normal girl in the world but that's mostly because I don't believe in the word normal. The world needs someone who is willing to tell them "no" no matter what they offer but I'm here to find out if they're ready for one....or if I'm even the one to do it. Join me as I attempt to conquer the world with God by my side and a whole lot of faith.

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