"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." -Henry David Thoreau 

        So the title above just proves what a useless imagination I actually have considering this short blog is about horseback riding. Before I go into the whole shabang about horses I'd like to say...............................................I BROKE THE EVERY OTHER DAY BLOGGING HABIT! Okay, okay so it isn't really allthat big a deal because it felt like it had been forever since I blogged but it's still pretty cool. 

    Getting on to the topic of today (horses; incase any of you forgot) I got up this morning really, really early (well, 7:00am is freaking early for someone who has been waking up at 10:00am for the past several days) to go ride horses. Every year my grandma and I go to ride horses but this was even cooler because

A) It was free (not that I ever pay anyway)
B) Because it wouldn't just be me and Nana but also Mom, Dad, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Mark
C) We were able to make our horses run!

        Yeah, it was freaking sweet. So we were trotting along on our horses (mine was named Cortana; figures that I get the horse named after a character in Halo right?) and the guide is like "Do you guys want to try lopeing?" so we all agree and try it. Lemme tell you, if you look up "lopeing"in the dictionary you'll find one word: OUCH! It was really cool, don't get me wrong, but she made it seem a lot easier and smoother then it actually was. The ride was really cool though.

I told you this would be a short blog so don't yell at me that it was shorter then my others! I have very important stuff to do. Music is good for the brain or.......something so I have to go excersize my brain. Hollywood Undead anyone?