Some days are for living; others are for getting through." -Malcolm Forbes
    Where, oh where, do I start today? Perhaps I should start at the beginning (which is always a pretty logical place to start when you're telling a story. Imagine if a book started right in the middle and ended at the start with an actual ending just thrown in there. It's a weird concept if you really think about it). You must know that I did not get much sleep last night because my body, for some unknown reason, decided to wake me up several times in the night as it also did the night before. But I digress, last night I didn't get much sleep but it's not the end of the world. Except, this morning I had book club and, since I didn't wake up until almost ten and book club started at one, I was feeling a bit rushed.

    Usually book club (we're the Savvy Orphans....yeah, we aren't normal. Don't let any of us name your kids) is held at my house but this month it was held at my good friend Kaliena's house which is a good ten to fifteen minutes away. If you're interested in knowing what book we read it was The Bluebird and the Sparrow by Janette Oak; this is completely irrelevant to the story but I thought you'd might want to know. Anyway, so we finally arrived at book club and things were going pretty good. I don't know if this goes on with any of you but when I told all the girls that today we were packing our own lunch everyone (except Zoe) showed up with fast food....including me. This is slightly concerning. Everything was going pretty smoothly; Ashley was organizing the club today because she chose the selection that we read for that month and we were pretty distracted as always (cue Kaliena bringing up a really good point, stopping in the middle of it, staying silent for a few moments before coming out of her daze, and saying "Oh sorry, i was watching a bug crawly up the window") but she was really patient seeing as she usually isn't facilitating the meetings and is being blissfully distracted as well. We talked, we ate, and we were happy; we even ended earlier then we were supposed to! Everything was pretty perfect. Then things went South.

    One of the Moms (I'm not going to say who for the purposes of not embarrassing them if anyone they know reads this) in the group kind of butted in on a conversation on a topic she didn't like the sound of (the topic itself is irrelevant) and started scolding my Mom. I've always been really, really protective of my family even if it doesn't always seem that way so I immediately wanted to cut her off and start fighting for my Mother's point of things but, luckily, I didn't. What did happen, that I'm not too proud to admit, is that I got into a fight with the daughter of the Mom. It wasn't necessarily my fault that our fight happened but I still could have stopped it and I didn't so, while the two Moms were having it out in the kitchen, my friend and I were outside fighting because we each thought our Mom's idea was right and the other one's was wrong. This has happened quite a  few times between this girl and I seeing as she's very protective of her family also (which is not a bad thing by far) but the reason we do it so many times is because our families have very different views on things. Take good old Harry Potter for instance, I know a lot of Christians don't love the idea of the book for the simple fact that there is magic in it. I see where they come from and I don't agree or disagree with their motives for not watching/reading the series but they are very, very strong haters of it and think that it's basically from the devil.....and, boy, do they love lecturing me about it. They can't accept that some people have different views then theirs and want to fight until they change their mind.

    Skipping forward about half an hour to a full sixty minutes later my friend and I have stopped fighting and are on pretty good terms but the Moms have just stopped fighting and...well....aren't. It really made me upset that my Mom was starting to cry and shake by the time Mrs. Mom left but there was really nothing I could do. I felt really bad that, after all she had been through, my Mom also had to deal with my brothers who were being totally enraging because they didn't want to leave. We said our goodbyes to Kaliena and her Mom before heading out to the car with Ashton and Ayden (Ashton kicking and screaming from under my arm. He missed his nap and this was his way of telling us that we were going to pay....).

    Well, now I'm at home and it's pretty relaxed. Daddy is awake (HOORAY! (he's usually sleeping all day because of his night job)) and Ashton is in bed. Later tonight Mom is going to an A.W.A.N.A. meeting (poor Mom, she went to a homeschooling meeting last night and now another meeting the next night) and I'm still probably going to be sitting at the computer and drinking Mountain Dew Voltage (the only good kind, by the way). I told you this post was going to be more interesting then the last one but I didn't say it would be happy! But I will post a happy one as soon as something cool goes on in my life. In other news that you all don't give a crap about, I updated my calender so YAY, FOR ORGANIZATION! Now my iPod Touch will annoyingly beep at me every single day that I have something to do. For example, at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday I will be awoken by a guitar that will play the same cord over and over and over and's like the energizer bunny decided to jump into my iPod and now the sound just keeps going and going and going. Ayden is now attempting to draw a transformer on the whiteboard (FAIL), Mom is on the computer facebooking, and Dad is playing baseball with characters that don't actually exist but yelling at the television just like he does when he actually watches a game as if the players can magically hear him. Oh how I love my family.

Alexis Kristine