"My doctor says that I hace a malformed public-duty gland and
 a natural deficiency in moral fiber, and that I am
therefore excused from saving universes."
Douglas Noel Adams

    I am a terrible blogger for not posting in forever. It's not that I don't want to post but I'm either super busy or super lazy these days. Just to put you in perspective of how busy I am I will give you my personal list of things to do before I go home in a week and a half given to me by my parents, grandparents, and myself.


• Practice, practice, PRACTICE for my audition
• Make my aunt's wedding gifts (I cannot say the exact gifts incase she reads this but there are two and I have to handmake them).
• Brainstorm for posters, trinkets, a slogan, and a speech for a last minute studant councel election for secretary that I decided to enter.
• Go apple picking
• Go swimming
• Decide how I want to wear my hair for the wedding
• Make Cade's birthday present
• Get together with Dakota
• Get together with Brooklyn (I just realized that my friends in Illinois are named after different places)
• Read Fever 1793 for book club
• Read all the other library books I have
• Make family time
• Get rid of the tan lines on my back
• Be social (doesn't anyone realize that I'm an author and, therefore, not a social person?!?!?!)
• Be nice (don't I have to be social to be nice?)
• Have fun (I would be having fun but now I'm stressed about being social and nice!)

TA-DA! Don't you love my list of things to do? Don't you want to come help me get it done? No? Well, fine then! I didn't need you anyway. So I really didn't want to leave you with nothing but I do have to go concidering my grandparents don't like me being on the computer and a lot of the stuff on there requires the computer. Gotta run!

Alexis Kristine