"And ya do the hokey pokey and ya turn yourself a round." *starts shooting gun*

-Joker, The Joker Blogs

    Okay, I suck for not posting in like five years (in internet time, of course) but I promise I had an amazing excuse! Well, if you're actually a fan (which you should be) of it then you'll find it an amazing excuse. Yes, yes I'll stop stalling; I was watching......The Joker Blogs. I'm an addict. The quote above is my absolute favorite out of the entire dialog in the blogs. I've seen them all over and over again since I read about them in a FanFiction (just Google TDATNTAMS and you can read it too). For anyone who wants to know, Joker is my favorite character out of everything in the world. He's seriously right up there with Jareth and Samwise Gamgee. Joker is just so literally mentally insane that it makes me want to both hide under a rock and marry him. He's both my worst nightmare and my best dream ever. Get it?

    So this week hasn't really been all that eventful besides getting home on Friday from the mountains. I'm leaving at, like, six in the morning tomorrow for Illinois so you defiantly won't get a blog out of me tomorrow. Random thought but have any of you listened to I'm Afraid of Americans by the wonderful Mr. David Bowie (formally known as David Jones. Yes, readers, that is his real name)? I have to ask this seeing as I'm listening to it right now and I get a kick out of the accented way that he says "junk".

    My Nana is reading the children's Bible to Ayden right now and I'm slightly listening to it. It's kind of funny how they really do shorten the stories in the Bible for children. For example: none of the stories in the real Bible refer to meat as "big and juicy". God lays down some real detailed stuff when he describes things or he doesn't deem things to be described at all. It's an all or nothing deal with him.

    Another reason that I haven't written is because I've been busy making my aunt's wedding present and writing my own FanFictions (I've just started a Joker one) and short stories. My novel is coming pretty well but I'm going back and editing what I have so far. I got asked when my wedding date was today which was pretty weird. The reason for it is that I wear an engagement ring (oh yeah, it's real. There are diamonds on the thing and everything) where ever I go and I was looking quite a bit older then thirteen to this man, apparently. I mean, I was dressed pretty smartly today but I don't know what would make him think I was old enough to get married for real. Anyway, i straightened it out with him. I considered having fun with it but seeing as I was at church.....

    The reason I wear an engagement ring all the time is that my aunt (the one getting married) gave it to me from a past fiance. Let's just say, he was a jerk and now he's gone.

    My computer is still infected with a virus so that sucks but my grandparents have a computer. Sadly, I don't know if they have wi-fi. I know for sure that I won't be able to blog at all next week because my Mima doesn't even know how to turn on her computer much less have someone hook up wi-fi or internet at all, for that matter. I'm not bashing her but it's kind of funny. Mima just as herself is pretty hilarious.

    I should probably head to bed if I need to get up early tomorrow so......goodbye!

Alexis Kristine