"Order is never observed; it is disorder that attracts attention because it is awkward and intrusive." -Eliphas Levi 

  Just today I woke up and thought to myself "This blogging thing is becoming something I do every other day isn't it?". Yes, I did just admit that I dream of blogging and computers in general or at least think of them first thing when I wake up. I'm a geek but don't be deceived; I can beat up a lot of you. So today was a lot more eventful then yesterday but I think I should really tell you a bit about last night first.

It was about 11:30pm to 12:00am and I was laying in bed and attempting to sleep while listening to my iPod when three of the most depressing but amazing songs rang through my ears. The first one was "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride, which always makes me cry no matter how many times I listen to it; the second song was "The Eleventh Commandment" by Collin Raye (the guy who wrote one of my favorite songs "Butterfly Kisses") which made me sob; the third song didn't help my sobbing situation at all. The song was called "Dear Mr. Jesus" and it was sung by a little girl. I highly suggest looking up all these songs but at a time where you can openly sob and not, like, right before you go into a meeting or something like that. As I write this I'm tearing up because I'm listening to Dear Mr. Jesus again.

On a happier note, we went panning for gold today which sort of explains the title of this blog (you'll understand it a bit more in a minute....or an hour, depends on how fast you read). The guy who led us through the old mine was really funny and even gave me a few nicknames for my brother (namely "shortlegs" and "blastmonkey"). We didn't really get and gold (except my uncle Mark who, for some reason, threw his). It was freaking cold outside so we left before our thing was over but, not surprisingly, we were the last to leave in our group. It was that cold! Going to the awkward thing that happened was the fault of my uncle Matt who, not thinking, blurted out something when we were trying to guess the name of something. I won't say the exact thing that he said but let's just say what is it when a jack isn't on my the jack is ___? Exactly. Use your pretty little brains darling. 

Another awkward thing that happened was that I watched the music video for "China Girl" by David Bowie. Yeah.............wow. But all day my two year old brother was asking me to see a picture of David Bowie and Michael "Jashon". Ahhhhh.....I've taught this one very well. 

Well, there's not many things that happened besides this that I'm actually going to tell you but I'll post pictures later. I've gotta go now (not really, I just want to stop writing and go play Settlers) so........GOODBYE, LOVLIES!

Alexis Kristine