"Our endless days are numbered." -Frank Warren

    That's got to be one of my favorite quotes up there along with "It's only forever, not long at all.". Is it hilarious or what that as I was typing that up "China Girl" by David Bowie started playing (David Bowie sang the song that I just quoted)? Wow, I'm already off topic before I've even got on it; I probably just set the world record for most distracted blogger. The whole thing I was going to talk about before I began my Bowie Blogging was days that just seem to be so....full, I suppose is the word. Have you ever had those days where it just feels like several days have passed and you look at the date and realize that it's only been one day? Well, today was one of those days for me. Today wasn't exactly hectic it was just full and...I really can't describe it further. I literally thought "I wonder how close it is to going to the mountains now?" before I checked the date and realized that it was still the same amount as when I checked it in the morning. Okay, so here's the day I had in a few paragraphs.

    When I woke up it was, like, nine-thirty maybe nine-forty and I was really upset about that fact in the first place because I've been trying to wake up early for school but my Dad took the wall iPod charger to work (he works all night and sleeps all day) and my iPod died along with the wake-up alarm. Anyway, so I go upstairs to eat and I'm reminded that I need to get dressed because we had something to do so I got dressed and we left to someone's house for a dress fitting (I know, I'm amazing at details). So we were there for hours and hours while my Mom and Tiffany altered our wedding dresses. I watched the kids (Ashton, Ayden, Josh, Cole, and Reagan) and we watched Looney Toons and stuff (IT WAS EPIC) and we left. So, by the end of the "day", I was tired out and completely not thinking straight. I have an amazing excuse for this tiredness though: I stayed up until 12:34am (seriously, it ended at that time exactly!) watching Michael Jackson's This is It; it was so.....wow. Anyway, this is when day two of today started.

    When I got home I went on the computer and started schooling. It makes sense that I thought it was a new day since I usually schooled in the morning and I felt like I was schooling for about eight hours. The stupid SOS was being glitchy and telling me that something was wrong with my spelling even though I had already googled it (ahhh don't you love the twenty-first century?) and it came up perfectly correct. I waited half an hour before my Mom came down and fixed the dang computer then it was off to looking for monologues for the upcoming Willy Wonka audition. Day two was very short but had most defiantly ended.

    Day three started with supper (hot dogs and chips) and ended with Billie Jean. Supper was pretty uneventful except for a few choice moments with Ashton that had us all in stitches. I hopped onto the computer almost right away and started looking at Craigslist. Earlier on Day Two I had been looking on Craigslist for my all time favorite movie, The Labyrinth Anniversary Edition and I had found it for ten dollars! It was a steal but, unfortunately, it was a forty-five minute drive type of robbery that my parents weren't willing to take at the moment. I also found a pretty amazing (although three hundred dollar) chess set of Lord of the Rings. Can you tell I'm a geek? I was also looking for iPod accessories that I could use to make my iPod more....accessorized. Oh the amazing articulation of a teenage author. Articulate is my favorite word, by the way.

    Well I'm about to go to bed now and I'm listening to "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson (I miss him) so...if you've read all of this I freaking love you but you must be either A) Really, really bored because if you had an actual life you wouldn't be reading my ramblings (please, stay a hermit. I need readers!) or B) Dead by now from pure boredom. You guys rock!

Alexis Kristine