Picture Gallery

Mom, Me, and Mark on our horses. It was awesome!

Papa, Mark, Ayden, Josh, and Matt at the gold mines!

 My Uncle Matt being a cowboy. YEE-HAW!

 Ayden (right) and Josh (left) in the bulldozer at the gold mines.

This is the same picture as on the front page but in sketch form.

Two awesome people I met on a ride at Lakeside; they weren't for the picture LOL

Me in all my black gloved, black jacket, and Texas hat glory. 

This is little Neveah in the morning. I have another where she is eating seeds like a bird

(In order from left to right) Ashley, Me, Matt, Mark, Ayden, Neveah, Josh, Ashton

My wonderful and gorgeous Aunt Ashley and, in the corner, is my cousin, Neveah.

Me at Lakeside Amusement Park 8/5/10......................no comment.

Me in my dress for my Aunt's wedding on 9/4/10. Can't wait to be back in Illinois! 

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