About Alexis Kristine 

            There's way too much to actually describe me in a few paragraphs or even a page but I'll try and you'll just have to read my blogs to learn the smaller quirks, I suppose. Okay well, I was born in Rhinelander, Wisconsin (Go Packers!) March 18, 1997 to the lovely Mrs. Elsa Elder which makes me thirteen at the moment (2010). Four years after I was born I moved out to the Chicago area (Go Cubs!) with my Mom and my Dad (Michael Elder). Shortly after I turned six I received my little bother...I mean, my little  brother number one.

             When Ayden turned two we decided (or rather, my parents decided) to make two life-changing, well, changes. First off, they pulled me out of Edgar Allen Poe Elementary and started homeschooling me. The second decision was a bit bigger and took a Hell of a lot longer to complete. We all were going to pack up and move to Colorado. So a few months later we were in the car and headed to Colorado: Home of the Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and a whole new life for the Elders.

             Skipping ahead a few years to when I was eleven, I received little brother number two, this year's model was called Ashton.  I was still homeschooling and I had made a lot of friends here in Colorado. It was around the time that Ashton was born that I got really into acting.

              Ever since I was about six or seven and able to read and write I was doing just that. It paid off pretty well too, considering my reading level is really high for my age. I'd written complete stories and books by the time I was ten (okay, so they were all crap but books never the less) and decided that I was really into writing. For most of my life I was Hell-bent on being a veterinarian until I read up on the subject you had to Major in to become one. Lets just say that Math and I aren't best friends. I had dropped out of Gymnastics when my Mom became pregnant with Ashton and I wasn't too eager to jump back into it. Another thing that I've done since I was little was act. I got my first role when I was about six or seven in a Christmas play at church and I'd done numerous roles in skits and plays since I moved to Colorado. Even though I was eleven when I decided I wanted to truly be an actress I didn't actually start auditioning for anything other then school plays (a homeschool school....it's complicated) until I was twelve.

               The first thing I ever auditioned for outside of school was the play Aida which I knew nothing about. It being my first real audition I assumed I wouldn't get a part and I was right. The next thing I auditioned for was James and the Giant Peach which I also didn't get a part in. September 9th I will be auditioning for a part in Willy Wonka.

               Now onto my Christianity, my Father brought me to the Lord when I was six years old. Ever since I was brought to the Lord I've tried my best to abide by his rules but, being an actress and a writer, I'm always asked to compromise things. In this world I am always asked to wear little clothing and a whole lot of attitude. God isn't a part of the world I live in and is shunned by most everyone. Being a Christian teenage girl and going into the industry that's set up for women to be a sex appeal and drama is encouraged isn't the safest thing to do. I know and accept that my decision to be an actress is one of great difficulty for a girl who doesn't want to give herself away until marriage and won't ever think of wearing a bikini. Fame really is nothing so how can you rise to nothing? God will help me through my life while I attempt the task of rising to absolutely, posotivly nowhere.

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